Glambot Photo Booth

In the world of event planning, where innovation takes center stage, the GlamBot Photo Booth by Mariwanna PhotoBooth stands as a true game-changer, transforming any gathering into a star-studded spectacle. This cutting-edge addition, featuring a sleek robotic arm, guarantees an unforgettable experience for every attendee. Here’s why the GlamBot Photo Booth is an essential element for your next event, bringing Hollywood-level glamour with a futuristic twist.

Unveiling the GlamBot Experience

Say goodbye to traditional photo booths and hello to the GlamBot Photo Booth, ushering in a new era of photo sophistication. Mounted on a state-of-the-art robotic arm, this high-speed camera system captures guests in cinematic slow-motion, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of major award shows, the GlamBot delivers red carpet allure right to your event, making each guest feel like a true celebrity.

Dynamic Shots with Robotic Precision

At the core of the GlamBot’s magic is its robotic arm, orchestrating smooth and swift camera movements that go beyond the capabilities of traditional photo booths. This innovative feature allows for dynamic shots and angles, injecting an element of surprise and excitement into every frame.

High-Definition Slow-Motion Mastery

With unparalleled precision, the GlamBot creates ultra-high-definition slow-motion videos, capturing every twirl, laugh, and pose with breathtaking clarity. Each moment is immortalized in exquisite detail, ensuring a visual spectacle that dazzles the senses.

Instant Social Media Stardom

In today’s digital age, instant sharing is crucial, and the GlamBot Photo Booth excels with seamless social media integration. Guests can instantly share their glamorous shots across various platforms, amplifying the event’s reach and excitement online.

Customization for Every Occasion

Understanding the importance of branding and personalization, the GlamBot offers extensive customization options. From branded overlays to bespoke backdrops, every detail can be tailored to match your event’s theme or corporate identity, ensuring a cohesive and memorable experience.

Engagement Elevated

Beyond its technical prowess, the GlamBot enhances engagement and interaction, elevating the event atmosphere to new heights. Its presence ignites energy and enthusiasm, fostering connections and creating lasting memories.

Versatile for All Events

Whether it’s a corporate gala, wedding extravaganza, or product launch, the GlamBot Photo Booth, with its robotic arm, seamlessly adapts to any occasion. Its universal appeal transcends demographics, making it a perfect addition to any event aiming to leave a lasting impression.

The GlamBot Photo Booth isn’t just a photo-taking device; it’s an entertainment marvel that captivates, enchants, and leaves a lasting legacy. By incorporating the GlamBot and its robotic arm, you’re not just hosting an event; you’re curating an experience that sets a new standard in entertainment. Get ready to dazzle your guests with the epitome of glamour, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology. Make your event the talk of the town with the GlamBot Photo Booth experience from Mariwanna PhotoBooth.


  • 1080p High Definition
  • Soundtrack
  • High Powered LED Lighting
  • Overlay Designs
  • Special Effects
  • Online Gallery
  • Onsite Attendant
  • Digital Sharing via email, text message, or QR code
  • Setup and breakdown Addons
  • Guest Book
  • Flower Wall / Hedge Wall
  • Neon Sign
  • Audio Guestbook
  • Custom Start Screen


Sissoko N'faly
Sissoko N'faly
We can't recommend marri wona photobooth enough! They were able to specially design a logo of my Alma mater and all of my college buddies loved it! It was so epic! My guest enjoyed the props and it made for some very momentous photos! I highly recommend them!
Wilma D. Fraser
Wilma D. Fraser
Absolutely fantastic!! Very professional service, so much fun and loads Of props will definatly use again. Many many thanks marri wona photobooth.
Irfan Khan Owaisi
Irfan Khan Owaisi
The team was amazing. They were on point to assist us. Their head was very cooperative with everything. He replied emails punctually and spoke all my questions and worries. He was there early and set up earlier the festivity underway to make sure no one witnessed the set up